Alive & Well DVD

The plan is a pretty simple one. Spend 6 months over the daylight savings period to film a DVD with a tonne of crew just for the fun of it. This page will serve as a place for us to post regular updates from the filming missions with everyone.

Latest Upates

Alive & Well 14

Slipped a little on the posting but the clips have been coming in hot!




Alive & Well 13

We are in the middle of a Sydney trip right now and things have been going well so far for everyone. Stacking clips and plenty of laughs.




Alive & Well 12

The weekend in Melbourne was super hot but we made the most of the sun and got out to some good areas and it was productive. We did spend almost 4 hours non stop trying to film 2 clips but we got there in the end with one of them from Diz. Sunday was a rough one for Pat as he took a hit on a triple kinker but no doubt he will want to hit it again.



Alive & Well 11

Saturday was a productive day with some of the crew. Pat and Jack went in hard on some rails. Unfortunately Sunday it rained all day so we weren’t able to get out. Thanks Pat and Diz for the images.




Alive & Well 10

Last Wednesday saw a 20 deep crew rolling around town and we stacked some good clips for the DVD.

Alive & Well 09

Probably the heaviest weekend of filming to date with some of the crew. Seriously some of the shit that went down was insane! Click on the images to see them bigger.





Alive & Well 08

Tuesday was a public holiday so we went in hard and came out on top. Thanks Pat Freyne for the images.


Alive & Well 07

Saturday was super windy but we tried anyway, things didn’t work out that well for Dizzy. Sunday was a bit more productive when it came to clips. Some heavy shit went down at this spot, like real heavy.


Alive & Well 06

Saturday was a productive day with the sun out and no wind for once. Matt Green went down hard for a clip but he got it so it was worth it in the end.

Alive & Well 05

We got in a city mission last night for a while before the rain.