Jake And Jack Edit.

Pretty cool edit with some good street shredding from Jake Deering and Jack Kelly. Stoked to see local riders from my area hitting the streets!

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Become A Fan!

I created a Focalpoint Fan Page on Facebook, click the image below to become a fan!

Other news…Over on the Ride On website there is a cool edit of Chris Courtenay, he does a bunch of banging stuff in this edit.

Also keep an eye out on Stu Munro’s blog, always some random stuff up on it.


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New 2020.

The next issue of 2020 is due out any day now, should be good! Check the preview below.

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Pete Radivo Still Owns.

Dao Radivo has posted up a bunch of edits from back in 2004 for his dvd that never saw the light of day but all the edits have some rad clips in them, check out his vimeo page here and definately check Pete’s section below.

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Stu Timms Edit.

Patrick Stokes sent over an edit he made up to show people what kind of guy Stu was. If you don’t know what I am on about, read the previous post.

Also below are a few other edits some crew have sent through of Luke Vandenberg and Logan Martin.

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Some Not So Good News.

Anyone from up Bendigo (VIC) way would know Stu Timms, along with riders who shopped at Connections Bmx as Stu previously worked there up until recently when he moved over to Western Australia to live with Lindsay McMahon.

Last night Lindsay gave me the bad news that Stu has broken his neck (two vertebrae?s in his neck) and quite possibly won?t walk again. Lindz tells me he is keeping positive though and trying to plan for the future no matter what the outcome is.

It?s really shit house when a fellow rider gets taken down, I guess it just hits home a bit more how important it is to live life to the fullest while you have it, you never know when something terrible is going to happen like this.

I think the following out take from my conversation with Lindsay really shows how good of kid he really is.

Lindsay: ?we’ll all pitch in and start raising funds so you can get the best chair, care and quality of life possible bro?

Stu: ?Yeah but we gotta get Jamo some cash to get his knee reco done aswell, because Jamo needs to ride”

Stu was a solid supporter of Focalpoint, my deepest sympathy goes out to him, his family and his crew. Cooper

Thanks to everyone who sent photos in.


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Slingin The Beeeeeee’s.

Had a real fun ride today, rode a bunch of street and even hit a couple of parks, this photo is of Sam Illman Slingin them high at Yarra Junction Park.


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City Jam Photos.

Hey guys, last night at city park in Melbourne there was the first of hopefully more to come Anchor Bmx jams. It was really alot of fun, I was more keen on riding then shooting photos but I did grab a couple shots quickly and chucked them up in the photogallery. Thanks to all the crew who made it possible.


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