Dig BMX mag has been my favourite mag for basically ever so to be able to do some work with the guys is an honour! I have a photography interview up on their site, yay! Check it here.

If you are in the mood for looking at some more photos of other poeple get clicking! Nitai Dave Rubers Chris CooperJames WadePete JaquesRicky AdamGorakNick GascoineRaine TurnbullMichael Harrisoneloveonelife


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New Helmet Fines.

It seems that helmet fines have gone up from $50 to $145 here in Melbs, not sure if it’s Australia wide but just thought I would let everyone know.

The edit below is pretty cool, Max Smithers shredding some Melbourne street. Spotted it on theComeup.

Southside BMX: Max Smithers from chris karalis on Vimeo.

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Copp’in It Sweet.

Stu Munro up in Brisbane has started filming for his new DVD Copp’in it sweet. He has a list of heavy hitters lined up for sections such as Raphael Jeroma-Williams, Jerry Vandervalk, Nick Cooper, Zac Miner and Kelly Bolton so no doubt it will be solid and all HD, the photo below is one he shot whilst out filming on the weekend.

Jump over onto the Helensvale website to see a bunch of photos of their shop ramps. looks like the place is going to be super fun!

Raine Turnbull’s blog has a rad photo from one of the Stay Fit premieres and I think its a prime example of the rad scene we have here, check it out!

For more photos of that crazy park in Canberra go here and here.

On the RideOn site there is more info about a possible new park in Brisbane, check it out.

Any Australian BMX news you want posted up? Just shoot me an email.


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Weekend Shredding!

It was hot once again but we still had fun, hit up some drains today, I really love this spot. I put up a couple photos from the day in the Photogallery, no flash set up but still pretty cool.


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More Trails.

We went and rode/watched some backyard trails today (technically yesterday), it was hot but still fun. You will get to see more in the next issue of the mag!


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Colony Hat Winner!

Last month with thanks to Colony we had a giveaway going where one lucky rider would win a couple new Colony Fitted Hats, Congrats goes out to Daniel Judge who is the winner!Thanks to everyone who entered.

Other news is that Daniel Johnson finally had his Knee reco yesterday so the road to recovery has begun! The photo below is about 2 1/2 years old, such a crazy rail hop, I remember this day well because DJ called me about 9am keen to get it done so that was first stop on the days mission.


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Hey guys, spotted the below edit over on the Hell On Wheels website, pretty cool.

Also on the subject of Trails, Scotty at NaturalBmx has some crazy trails photos on his site, so so so high!

Anyone who uses twitter, don’t forget to add us, I always seem to post on there nowadays.

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Marnold Sequence.

Below is a sequence of Marnold we shot on the weekend during the HEAT! I am really enjoying posting up these random sequences so expect more to come.

Over on Ugzine there

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