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Still up in Sydney for a few more days, had a real good roll with some crew today. Always gets me stoked to roll around with other riders, below is a sequence of Glewy who actually had a bio in FP probably 2 years ago, last night was the first time I actually met him it’s

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Jam For A Good Cause.

Brodie Butterfield sent me over some info about a jam he is organising, We are also going to help out where we can on this one, he sent in some info on why he is running the jam, you gotta send some respect out to people who can bring out some good from an unfortunate event.


Blake was keen on BMX from a very young age, begging Dad to take him to the skate park from about the age of three. At the time, on a cheap little 12″, trying to jump the hip and box, trying to keep up with the older riders. Meanwhile, myself and the rest of the family were heavily involved in motorcycle racing.

On September 4th, 2000, Blake suffered severe head trauma, resulting in a large piece of his skull being removed and later replaced with a titanium plate, and a decent chunk of brain; the part that controlled right side movement and speech, to be removed. However, a mere 6 months later he was back at the skate park, stronger than ever.

He remained a very keen rider until the day of his passing, which also happened to be Dad’s birthday. He originally wanted to go the Skate Park for a session, but ended up going dirt biking with dad, myself and my other brother Brock, as a sort of gift for Dad. He was riding in Tamban forest near Kempsey, when he struck a tree. He passed away later that afternoon after attempts to revive him.

Since that day, I have wanted to hold a competition or jam in his memory, but have never been able to get something happening.

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Brisbane Edit.

Stu Munro edited up this video for VitalBmx, bunch of shredders in it including the footage from the most recent cover of FP!

Brisbane, Australia Mix Edit – More BMX Videos

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2009 Leftovers.

Bret Trigg sent over this edit with a bunch 2nd angles and un-used footage from this year, check it out!

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Summer Edit.

Peter Schifferle sent me over this edit he made, his first of a few I think during summer, good to see! Alot of city park footage and some street in this.

For any orders through the online store this week, sorry they wont get sent out until next Monday as I am in Sydney stunting!

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Livewire Jam!

The annual Livewire Jam in West Oz happened recently and went down a treat! If you havn’t heard of the Jam before it’s a day where all crew get together to celebrate the life of Chad Walton, a fellow rider who was unfortuntely killed in a car accident a few years back. It always seems to be a real solid event and this year the crew even raised $1500 for Stu Timms who you would also remember recently had a terrible accident. Much respect goes out to the crew who organised the day and also everyone who showed up and also donated to the cause, props!

Check out more photos and info here and read more about Stu here.


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Troy Jackson Bike Check.

Back on the bike and with a fresh one for sure! Check out Troy’s bike check here

I am driving to Sydney today but updates will still be rocking!

I also posted up a bunch of Christmas related photos over on the Oneloveonelife site.


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The Best Christmas Present!

Would be seeing your friend ride for the first time in over a year, Troy Jackson started riding yesterday after a long term knee injury kept him off a bike for over a year, it was awesome to see him back on it and killing it already, that to me is an awesome present for anyone, just being able to ride!

Merry Christmas to everyone out there, hope you all have a rad day!…Cooper


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