Shot this bike check of Vandenberg the other week along with some questions about his setup so check that out after the jump. Kid kills it…



FRAME: Fit Benny L 21”
FORKS: Fit Blade 2
BARS: Fit Club man
STEM: Benny L
GRIPS: Eddy cleveland grips
FRONT WHEEL: Profile hub to Alienation rim
REAR WHEEL: Profile lhd to Alienation rim
CHAIN: KMC cool chain
CRANKS: Fit Indent 24mm
PEDALS: Fit plastic
SEAT POST: Revenge
SEAT: Fit Barstool
TYRES: Fit Faf 2.3
PEGS: 4 Fit 100mm peg
MODIFICATIONS: I have cut my bars down about 20mm either side and cut my seat post to make it slammed on my frame


Favourite part on your bike and why? I really like my stem just feels nice and looks clean.

How long have you had the frame for? I have had my frame for about 2 months now it’s been really good.


Do you usually build your bike up or a bikeshop? I will build my bike at home using lots of grease.

What parts on your bike do you go through the most? Grips


Pegs and pedals, plastic or metal? I haven’t tried plastic pegs but not keen on them and with pedals, plastic is better then metal ones.

Are you picky with your bike or you don’t really care if it’s loose or makes noises? I hate when my bike makes noise have to keep it tight.


What was your first bike like? My first bike was a Redline mx2 with handle bars that had a flat cross bar it was sick and had a free wheel haha.



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