Relaxed edit from Rhys Newling of the Leen Beef crew rolling Wodonga’s new extension. I got a feel good vibe from this one, and it’s got a bunch of decent front end lines in it, keeping it simple and fun! [vimeo width=”700″ height=”500″][/vimeo]

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Rhys Newling filmed a section of Tim Watson aka Stingray for the Hunt dvd last year and he got it uploaded for your enjoyment. Stingray is a killa on the bike and a super good person. I am really stoked this is online now because there is some really good moves in it…

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The LEEN BEEF crew went on a day trip to the small country town of Bright in Victoria. They found a dope water spot as well as a little park. They started getting some clips until a bush fire near by made them leave (cfyi the messed up colors). Footage features Tim Watson, Gary McIvor […]

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Rhys Newling from The Rad Theory recently moved into the HD world with a Canon 60D and here is one of his first edits from the camera. Garfield has a unique riding style in this, running front brakes only and doing alot of nosepicks, Clint Millar would be stoked.

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Rhys Newling sent over this quick edit he made using his Iphone 4 at Albury park…

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Video Night.

It must have been a busy night for Vimeo, three new edits from a couple crews…. This week’s OneClip is of me so it’s weird to do this one but I do like the clip so it’s worth it. There was a similar clip in the last dvd, so we couldn’t use them both. Click […]

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Shakka Brahh.

Rode an awesome pool today, stoked! You will have to wait for the next mag for photos though. There is a trip update from the Tempered Bikes crew on their site. Rhys just called me and said the South Bmx premiere that was on tonight was awesome! So make sure you grab a copy of […]

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