Slingin Them.

I rode Sydney today with some crew. Had a blast, it got pretty sketch in Redfern at one stage but all good! Below is a shot of Jadan shooting the b’s mid run. I got a new camera body yesterday so anyone looking for a Nikon d200 and a 10.5mm fish eye I will probably be selling it in a couple weeks.


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What happens when you can’t ride for a year?

You make whacked edits from old footage, thats what Troy Jackson did with a bunch of old clips from our previous dvd Clocked In along with some weird weird youtube footage.

James Wade’s new photobook is up.

A couple cool photos up on Thistownsucks.

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Dig It.

Check out the new Dig Magazine for a bit of an article on myself and Focalpoint. Thanks to Brian Tunney and Will for the hookup.

James Wade’s photobook got a mention up on Defgrip, good to see.

Shout out to Brisbane shredder Macca who broke his leg badly a couple of days ago.


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4,500 km’s and Counting.

I have made it to Taree, only a couple hours to my next destination, I visited Byron Bay yesterday, not my kind of place that’s for sure but they had some cool lighthouse at the end of the earth so I went and shot some photos.


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Day Eighteen. On The Road.

Hey guys. I started the slow trek back down from Brisbane this morning. I am currently in some town called Grafton not to far from Coffs Harbour. On the drive down I drove past a new park in Tweed Heads, it had some crazy bowl and some weird sculpture style street section. I didn’t get to ride it as even though it was 10am there were angry skaters there. If you are ever out that way make sure you check it out.


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God Bowl.

We rode this crazy pool bowl today. It was to gnarly for me but it was awesome none the less, this pool style bowl is actually situated inside a christian school, from what I hear bmxers aren’t all that welcome but this afternoon it was all good.

More proof here that the West Oz scene is full of shredders!

Flatland Australia have a bunch of updates up.

Chris Cooper has a bunch of photos up on his blog from the Chiltern Jam that I spoke about yesterday


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Dre from The Sanction emailed me over the pic below from a recent park opening jam they had at Chiltern. Stoked! He also linked me over to this video, which a good friend of his directed with that popular band Jet, which features a rider the whole way through it, it must be a legit rider to just going off the style. Bmx is blowing up!

This video from the RideBmx website is from the Nike 6.0 comp going on at the moment in the USA, Andy Buckworth and Ryan Guettler have some solid clips in it.


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Shakka Brahh.

Rode an awesome pool today, stoked! You will have to wait for the next mag for photos though.

There is a trip update from the Tempered Bikes crew on their site.

Rhys just called me and said the South Bmx premiere that was on tonight was awesome! So make sure you grab a copy of it.

Spotted this edit below of some of the Albury/Wodonga crew up on the Rhys Newling’s blog.

The Core series comp is on tomorrow up here in Brisbane at Redcliffe park, I have no idea where that is or if I spelt it right but check it out if you are around.

Over on the Colony site you can see one of the first views of some of the new frames/artwork coming out this year, keep an eye out for more in the coming weeks also.

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