Jesse Bull = Shedder.

Over on the Stowaway site I spotted the edit below of Jesse Bull who rides for Federal here in Oz, I had the pleasure of rolling around with the boys a few days last week, the kid can shred.
Havn’t come accross much Spinal Disorder news yet, Stu told me Nick Cooper won but who knows if Stu is talking shit or not, wouldn’t suprise me if he did though, Nick is awesome. Tempered Bikes have some random happenings posted from the weekend though.

Jesse James Bull Federal Edit from Stowmedia Sept 2009. from StowMedia on Vimeo.

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Classic Footage.

Marnold reminded me about a few edit’s Andrei Sablinskis made up a few years ago from part of a world trip four of us took. This footage is from about 5 years ago, classic!

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James Wade Photobook.

Good mate James Wade has just posted up the August edition of his Photobook Project, this would be my favourite one so far. definately check it out!


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Sweet Paint Job.

Lachy Swanton went to town on his bike the other day.


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Flagz Poppin!

We had a pretty fun ride this afternoon. Flagz came out and hopped over a rail, this was my first shot with the new fisheye for the full frame body I got, I didn’t have my tripods on me so I am not super stoked on the lighting but It’s still worthy of a looksy.

Over on the The Hour Glass blog you check out some video’s Stu Munro has been uploading including the Corey Bohan section from his previous dvd.

Over on DataBmx. The current dvd got a sweet review, I hope you can read French. Good site none the less.

Jimmy over on Eject Bmx is always posting up some cool stuff, today he has posted up a cool desktop background it might

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The Bolter Twins.

Louis Bolter sent me over some photos from the current trip he and his brother George are on at the moment. This photo is of George in Vancouver I believe. That’s two New Zealand related posts in a row, you can get more info and see a bunch of photo’s over on the ZombieBmx website.

I also loaded up photos of Liam Fahy-Hampton and Marnold in their family pages, these photo’s you may have seen on the Colony site a couple of days ago.


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More Photo’s.

I just added a few more oldish photos in the newest riding gallery (4) Jed Mildon and Mat Lindrea. check it out here and scroll down a littl

I also just updated the dvd page with a full listing of the shops in Australia stocking The Waiting list. check that out here.

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One Clip #2

Hey guys, Just put up the weekly clip, you can see it below (obviously) or hit here to see it bigger.

Dishonour have got a new tee out, some pretty cool colour combo’s, check here for more info.

Helensvale Bmx‘s new shop is looking pretty dialed, check some more photo’s here.


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