Into the City

This one took a couple extra months due to other trips I was on but we got there in the end. Riding the city really is one of my favourite things to do, enjoy...

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Heavy sessions

Probably the hardest sessioned spot in Melbourne right now. It’s a dream ledge and the new mixtape that drops tomorrow has a stack of clips from it.


Searching through Chinatown on the hunt for some jibs


This photo describes Wednesday nights pretty well, hanging out at spots talking shit and having a laugh.

Look up

No idea what they are looking at, most likely a hot girl.


Blue has been out quite a bit lately, this is a good thing.

DJ has pop

This spot has been capped for a while now but they didn’t allow for DJ;s hop abilities.

The Wheel

Good to see this thing back in action, definitely gives some new life to the area. Can;t wait to timelapse it.


Good to see Bolts out this week, he sling a good ice to bars not long after this photo. The woman in the background wasn’t stoked when asked to move so we could ride the hump.

The year of Bannan

Jase may have got a helmet fine last night but shrugged it off and went to work amazing us at every spot.


Another guy who has been MIA, still yet to get a clip for the mixtape series but he gave it a good go last night. Sam Illman photo.

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