Brisbane local and steeze king, Justin Bumpstead, is our featured rider for our latest Instagram features
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I was picking up a vehicle from a customer one morning when this cheeky fella went past, one of the best things I’ve ever seen and definitely made my morning!


Few of us trekked out to Toowoomba for the aussie day weekend at Chris Lembos house and we thought we would head out for an arvo fish near the dam. Got this nice yellow belly first cast, and was also my first cast of this new surface lure I bought. Was so pumped!


This photo has been laying around for a while but definitely one of my favorites from Alex Tame, shot at Neil’s trails. I do too many look backs.


My good mate Dan “dezzy” Headon shot this on his iPhone whilst Alex Tame was shooting some photos for Lux at good old Brownsy.


I Took this shot in valla beach, NSW whilst Mitch Wood and I were on our east coast roadtrip a few years back. One of the best towns I’ve ever visited and definitely recommend checking it out.

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