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We got a new Quick Fire up today and it’s with the one and only Rex Cubic! Check it out after the jump:

photo 2
Photo: Jarrod Murfit

Describe an average weekday

Wake up to a masters double shot, I work 9 hours a day then either a night ride or medicate myself with a few hot ones.

What about the weekend?

I always try to have a ride on the weekend but meeting up with dudes is almost impossible, visit Local BMX, sit around and talk shit. Punch some more hot ones and enjoy some good times with good peeps.

Newest part on your bike?

Fit cranks

Fix tubes or new tubes?

New, as I rarely get flats, but Local BMX is close to my house

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

What’s twitter / instagram is ok.

Anything you would do-over if you could?

Live at home longer, I moved out at 16.

Last web video that got you stoked on riding?

Abdul fofanah – Welcome to Animal.

photo 3
Photo: Chris Hyland

Last song you listened to?

G-Unit – nah I’m talking bout


Pegs are rad, I run 4 on my bike.


I had this problem to catch my lever doing bar spins, so the brakes had to go.

Favourite movie of all time?

Pineapple Express

Park, street or dirt?

Streets are endless fun.

What kind of car do you drive? 

Hyundai Rexcel

When and what was your first photo in a magazine?

04 or 05, 2020 magazine doing a 360 bar spin at a comp I entered.

photo 1
Photo: Brent Sukroo

You have any web videos coming out?

If I have footage lying around I will.

First BMX video you saw?

My older brother had a VHS tape with crusty demons and Ride On taped on it. I watched it a lot growing up

Summer or Winter, which do you prefer?

Winter. We seem to have a lot of dry winters, riding in the heat is deadly.

A few moves you love to do when out riding…

Apparently I do crook grinds a lot, but I don’t see it. haha

Last trip you took?

Oicnts gone south. WATCH IT

A good spot or park you’ve hit up lately…

I been finding cool pole jams lately haha.

Random story from your local park?

I don’t have a local park, but what random shit doesn’t happen at skate parks


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