Today we are stoked to drop a new Quick Fire with one of the main man behind Backbone BMX and all around steeze king on the bike Tyson Jones-Peni:

Tyson Jones-Peni 3x last Hillfire
Photo: Brendan Boeck

Describe an average weekday…

I have a pretty set routine. Wake up around 5.30am & go to the gym, get home around 7.30am, cook an omelette, brew some coffee & get ready for the day. Take my girl to work by 9am, head up to the trails to dig or ride till almost 11am. Race to Back Bone to open the store, work there till 6pm. Head home, cook dinner, probably watch Masterchef & then work on some Hammer Down stuff maybe. Sometimes ride Civic, the park just down from my house, sometimes not. In bed hopefully by 10pm.

What about the weekend?

Potentially sleep in till like 8-8.30am, or make a solid effort to head to the markets to pick up some good produce, then head to work at 10am at Back Bone after I’ve had a cheeky coffee somewhere (probably Sweet Bones). Work till 3pm on Saturday at Back Bone, then go ride somewhere, maybe meet up with the boys who are generally filming. Hope the arvo brings no wind, head to the trails. Sunday is a bit of a coffee tour of Canberra, ride around with my girlfriend in the morning, do stuff you gotta do when you’re 27 & don’t live with your parents (groceries, housework etc), then get the arvo session in at the trails.

Newest part on your bike?

My frame; prototype USA made United TRU frame in my colour of choice – mystic moss green. So psyched on how it turned out, got those brakes down the bottom, used my graphics, geometry is spot on for roasting.

Fix tubes or new tubes?

Newbies, but I got to admit I rarely get flats; knock on wood.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

I’m a bit of a ghost on Facebook, but I do like posting things that I think could be interesting, beneficial or spark a bit of a conversation. I’m pretty addicted to the gram. I can’t believe how much inspiring shit you see on there daily – trail stuff, design, illustration. What’s Twitter?

Anything you would do-over if you could?

No regerts. Haha.

Tyson Jones-Peni Kambah euro
Photo: Brendan Boeck

Last web video that got you stoked on riding?

This is a hard one. I watch a few but can’t really think of any recently that got me pumped to ride as they are all street. Ones that stick in my head are the CCR frame promo, Magilla’s Fire On The Mountain (which is actually from the FBM video haha), actually that Robbo section that DIG had that was made by Rich Forne. Pretty much all these videos, the dudes just know what they’re doing & they’re doing it really well. Plus you know that they are the legit guys down at the spots.

Last song you listened to?
An Industry of Murder – Graveyard


Can’t hang the washing out without them!


The only way you know you’re not nibbling is if you need brakes. Hahaha.

Favourite movie of all time?

The 1986 version of Transformers. I still have a memory from watching it when I was 5 years old.

Park, street or dirt?

All are fun, but the trails is what I want to ride if I have the choice

What kind of car do you drive?

Subaru Liberty

When and what was your first photo in a magazine

In BMX Press sometime in 2005, Cam White wrote the article.

Photo: Brendan Boeck

You have any web videos coming out?

No – filming for the Back Bone video & the United video.

First bmx video you saw?

Props Issue 18 – Autumn 97’ issue I think.

Summer or Winter, which do you prefer?

Summer for sure, winter is pretty nice though – the trails get a real good feel to them. Not even necessarily riding them, just when you go there in the morning & it’s real crisp, everything is damp, just seems so sick to be there whatever you’re doing.

A few moves you love to do when out riding…

Oppo flatty, 360, nose dive – catch as much air as possible.

Last trip you took?

Took a little trip to Jindabyne for the day, bowl was fun & watched the rest of the crew kill it on the streets!

A good spot or park you’ve hit up lately…

It’s been real fun riding around with the crew while we’re filming for the Back Bone video, cool to get out & make the best out of spots I wouldn’t normally ride. Canberra is huge & even though I moved here in 2005, there is still so many new spots to go riding. So no particular spot, but a lot of spots in general & the company that I’m with makes it a good spot.

Random story from your local park?

This isn’t from a park, but one time Chris Harti & I got paid to ride the trails to shoot photos for the (now released) Canon MKIII that was coming out. These two guys came over from Japan looking for the ‘Australian landscape’. That was pretty interesting.


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