For this new Quick Fire we have the pleasure to have the one and only Shane Conlon answering our questions! Big thanks to Butterlegs for hooking that one up, read the whole thing after the jump:

Photo: Adam Cox

Describe an average weekday…

At the moment get woken up about 3.30 am by my son Levi. get him back to sleep then up again at 5 am head to work finish there by about 1 pm head home spend some time with the misso and boy then head out for a roll for a couple of hours. Come home have dinner and a beer then off to bed to do it all over again.

What about the weekend?

Up first thing saturday to do swimming lessons with Levi come home suss out whos rolling and where meet up with the boys and ride. Sunday start work 5am sunday finish at lunch time and either spend time with my family or go for a ride.

Newest part on your bike?

Just Got some fresh Demolition wheels and a new set of Demolition brakes.

Fix tubes or new tubes?

New tube

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Facebook or Instagram @conlonbmx follow me!!

Anything you would do-over if you could?

No regrets but if I could I would definitely not take that run through cam whites that I broke my back on.

Photo: James Fox

Anything you would do-over if you could?

That Jeff Wescott welcome to mutiny edit that just went up was pretty rad. Anything With Dennis Enarson or Chris Doyle gets me real stoked.

Last song you listened to?

Listening to Motley Crue Kickstart my heart right now.


Yes Pegs


Yes Brakes. fufanus for life!!!!!

Favourite movie of all time?

Half Baked or chopper!! Anything with James Franco is always good.

Park, street or dirt?

All of the above Dirts my favourite tho.


Photo: Adam Cox

What kind of car do you drive?


When and what was your first photo in a magazine?

Got a full page in the second ever bmxpress Crashing at the the penrith KOD I think it was in 1999 I was 11 hahaha!

You have any web videos coming out?

I have kinda started one with my buddy James Fox but I have been real lazy with that.

First bmx video you saw?

RAD! then first proper Freestyle bmx vid was Nachos.

Summer or Winter, which do you prefer?

Doesn’t really bother me as long as its not raining although my body aches a bit when its cold.

A few moves you love to do when out riding…

Loving ice pick grinds at the moment. 3 turndowns and 3 look backs are fun

Photo: James Fox

A few moves you love to do when out riding…

Probably to Canberra for Danes jam last year. Flight got delayed 3 times and didn’t get there till the very end and didn’t get to ride. Still a goodtime seeing everyone and having beers afterwards.

Random story from your local park?

Hahaha always cracks me up when I see this kid from my old local in coffs. He always came down on shitty kids mtn bike with the old skool goosneck stem. one day he came down and jumped the spine and he must of had moto grip real bad and while he was in the air he pulled the grip right of the bars and ate shit! The next day he came down again and was jumping the spine this time he jumped and pulled the bars and goosneck completly out of the forks and was flying through the air with his bike in pretty much 2 pieces and ate shit again.

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