Young Adelaide shredder Ricky Catanzariti has been making a lot of noise lately and we decided to give him the opportunity to fill out this new Quick Fire for us. Check it out!

Photo: Connor Bacalso

Describe an average weekday…

Umm.. Depends whether my girlfriends working or not haha if she isn’t ill go for a ride if she is ill spend the day with her.

What about the weekend?

Same deal really.

Newest part on your bike?

An old Colony/Focalpoint seat that Rhys Gogel kindly offered me after I snapped mine.

Fix tubes or new tubes?

New tubes.

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram I’m not good enough to have twitter.

Anything you  would do-over if you could?

Quite a few things..

Last song you listened to?

ASAP mob – bath salt Flatbush zombies.

Photo: Blake Catanzariti


No pegs no fun, I always run four.


Fun to mess around on but not for me.

Last mag you read?

The latest 2020.

Favourite movie of all time?

Too many to choose from.

What kind of car do you drive?

A fully sick VY commodore.

When and what was your first photo in a magazine?

Haven’t been in a magazine haha

You have any web videos coming out?

Trying to work on an edit for dishonour.

Photo: Seton Sykes

First bmx video you saw?

Hindsight 2, Kevin Keefs Neil rules!

Summer or Winter, which do you prefer?

Not a fan of the heat in my house during the summer so definitely winter.

A few moves you love to do when out riding…

Anything to do with a nose manual

Last trip you took?

Older brother took me and my younger brother to Melbourne last year but never been on a trip with a team.
A good spot or park you’ve hit up lately…
Went to a few parks a ditch and acouple full pipes the last few day’s when some of the colony team was down was a good few days.

Random story from your local park?

Don’t have a local but the park I’m at most is Osborne and there’s a kid called big worm who rides a skateboard on his belly dropping in the vert doing blunts 50’s etc… oh and he can shuv and kickflip the box still all on his belly haha.


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