Lachy Be Downside.

Had a fun roll down at New Knox park this arvo, I shot the below photo of Lachy just before we left, I forgot my flash cables so just the one on camera flash but she still came out pretty cool I think.

Ugzine Friday Frenzy is up.

Nahyouritemate have some good random photos up.

I came across this website off the Helensvale site, It looks like Alex Liiv and Jamie Mauri are part of it along with a bunch of other shredders. There is some random stuff on there for sure, also some cool riding shots.


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Grosser Killing It As Usual.

I found this photo over on Mick Bayzand’s facebook, Grosser is the man!

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One Clip #5

Hey guys, Polly and Marnold got this weeks One Clip. You can also view it larger here.

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Top Fives – Clint Millar

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates for the past day, I had a hectic couple of days. Back on it now though. Click here to check out the latest Top Five, this time with Clint Millar from Colony about his 5 favourite countries he has visited.

Backbone have the winner of Steve Crandall’s bike on their site, check it all out here.

I found this edit below from the Little Black Bike website, bunch of shredders in it but more importantly it shows how fun BMX is!

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Stretton Is The Man.

We had a fun roll today out with Dan Kershaw and Tom Stretton. Tom was doing some REDICULOUS front wheel stunts, the photo below is mid run hang five drop in, amazing!

Gorak has given his photo site a face lift, check it out here.

It mat not be Oz but TheLastPeople seem to post about FP and I always check it out, they just got a new site up, rad!


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Canberra Park Update.

Came accross a recent photo of the new park being built in Canberra, should be rad when it’s done.

Ugzine have there Friday Frenzy up along with a silent shredder Sam Illman edit.


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Brisbane is Hot!

We rode all day today in the heat. Good fun though. Below, photo of Clint Millar doing what he does best, this time on a tight sketchy 3ft tranny at a strange park right near those fancy amusement parks up here.


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Blue Shredds.

Good friend Andrei Sablinskis sent me over this sequence of Camberwell (Vic) shredder Blue, you may remember Blue from issue 17 of Focalpoint as he had a bio in it, well here he is again with a 180 turndown bowl to bank.


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