Nowra Bro.

Made it down to Nowra yesterday, we had a roll around some parks yesterday including Kiama which the below pic is from, there was a boat load of scooters there and this graff made me laugh. Had a rad street mission last night with Troy C and crew.


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Trails Dawg Rusty.

Spotted this edit on the Backbone website, Rusty is amazing, always stoked to see footage of him. The boys are also moving into a new shop front, check out the website for some progress photos.

Dishonour have a new tee coming out in a few weeks, check the site for more info.

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Ride On Trip Edit.

Another Brisbane edit, this time from RideOn Bmx store, well worth a watch with a bunch of shredders in it. You can also have a little read about the trip on the RideOn website.

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New Tempered Bikes Edit.

New Edit from the Tempered Bikes crew,

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More WestOz Shredding.

I know I talk about it alot but the WestOz

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Doddy Sequence.

This is a sequence I shot of Doddy while I was in Brisbane. I don’t like using sequences in the mag because they tend to make small photos so I might shoot some more like this just for the website, sorry the photo size isn’t the correct width, to many frames for a legit size. Might take a little to load.


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Slingin Them.

I rode Sydney today with some crew. Had a blast, it got pretty sketch in Redfern at one stage but all good! Below is a shot of Jadan shooting the b’s mid run. I got a new camera body yesterday so anyone looking for a Nikon d200 and a 10.5mm fish eye I will probably be selling it in a couple weeks.


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What happens when you can’t ride for a year?

You make whacked edits from old footage, thats what Troy Jackson did with a bunch of old clips from our previous dvd Clocked In along with some weird weird youtube footage.

James Wade’s new photobook is up.

A couple cool photos up on Thistownsucks.

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