Ausbike Tradeshow Photogallery.

I hung out at the Ausbike Tradeshow which was in Melbourne on the weekend, shot a bunch of product photos, some of new product, some of just product that looks cool, you can check it by clicking on the current feature photo to your right!


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Issue 17 Now Online!

It’s been just over a month since the print version of Issue 17 came out in stores so tonight I uploaded the online version, check it out to the right if you didn’t get a copy of the print version.

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Good Photo’s.

Canberra/Sydney based photographer Nick Gascoine has his photo website up and running, some awesome photos on there, well worth a looksy. You can see more of Nick’s work in 2020.

Backbone are have a good raffle going on at the moment where you can win Steve Crandall‘s FBM, all proceeds go to Camp Quality, nice work!

Don’t know if anyone else has heard about this but I just got told about how the mega ramp is going to be in Melbourne at the end of October, there are a bunch of good riders coming for it, read more about it here.


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One Clip.

We thought it would be cool if every week we will upload one clip of footage that we still think is solid but may not make a dvd but instead of it getting lost in a shoe box full of tapes atleast this way you get to see some more footage.This one is of Jase Bannan from one of our last road trips for the current dvd, we used a similar line in the dvd hence why this is left over. You can view it larger on the main page also.

One Clip #1 from on Vimeo.

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Alex Hiam Bike Check.

Young shredder Alex Hiam is in Melbs at the moment so we shot a bike check with him, check it out here


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New Stickers.

Hey everyone, I just got some new die cut stickers. pretty stoked! These will be going out with all online orders.

Ugzine have their Friday Frenzy up.


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More Photo’s.

I have started another riding photogallery, there is only one photo so far but I will put a few more up this weekend. Check it here.

Stu Munro put up Simon O’Briens section from Here Comes the Sun, check it out here.

I just updated the events (On the right) as there are a couple jams going on tomorrow.


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Flagz Sequence.

This sequence is of Flagz, pretty sure it was summer because the WestOz crew was in town, this clip is actually in the dvd aswell. I missed the last frame on this sequence so I thought I would mix it up a little.

Also, Ride On, Tippo Cycles and Fleet Cycles will have more stock of the dvd in a couple days. Thanks to everyone for the support!


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