43/365 // MICK BAYZAND

Bayzand getting his jib on…

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Pretty random clip this one of Jerry…

Thanks to Copp’in it Sweet for the clip.

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Updated version of the flyer. Check here for more info on the events…

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41/365 // SAM ILLMAN

Sam hitting up a super fun spot and a new trick for him…

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So we arrive at Issue 23, and this issue brings a little bit of a new look to the mag, which I am stoked on. We also have some new contributors joining the team that are putting in the work purely for the love of it. Then to top of the new stuff is a whole new round of regular articles that see their debut in Issue 23 and will continue for every issue into the future.

From page one, Pete Jaques shot cover of Nick Kajewski slinging down a solid set.

Then, once you get inside the pages, you will find interviews with Ballarat shredder Nick Harris, as well as bios on Angus Samson and Mike Ross. We catch up with Flagz about the new Defero DVD; Adam Dyson talks about how BMX shaped his career choice; Little Black Bike talk about their roadtrip around South Australia; and there’s an article dedicated to young park riders and why they love park over everything else. On top of that is the usual stuff, like the Photo Project, Jamnation and The Twenties.

All that and more in Focalpoint, Issue 23. Depending on where you live, the maggs will be in all stores in the coming couple of days.

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There is a rad and indepth interview with Mick Bayzand over on BMX UNION, well worth a read!

I tried to find the most random photo of Bayzand that I had for this post, pretty happy with this…

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Cool edit of a trip the Crispy guys did down from Brisbane to Sydney, could someone please tell me what the plaza park is they ride? Looks awesome!

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Lachy with a local line on one of  hottest evenings for a long time…

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