We thought we would mix it up a bit and film a little insight into the mag getting sorted to go out for all the stores and subscribers along with a little preview of what’s in this issue, check it out…

Note: This is just a fraction of the mags that go out, there are 2,500 copies of the mag that get posted to over 110 stores across Australia.

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The new issue of the mag is done! Most of the copies are in the post right now so expect them in-stores all across the country in the next day or two depending on where you live.

This issue is themed around unknown riders from all over Australia, since it’s the 25th issue and all we thought we would dedicate it to as many unknowns as we could since that was why we started the mag in the first place. That starts off with Dan Headon on the cover doing a solid turndown in Brisbane, Dan was suppose to be apart of the 25 unknown article but instead he gets cover!

So like I just said, this issue we feature 25 unknown riders that you’ve probably never heard of but they kill it on a bike, from all walks of life and corners of this country.

We also take on the helmet issue and look at why a lot of people have turned to them over the past few years.

We also cover jams from South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria such as the BYO Jam and the King of the Jibs #2.

Chat to Dave Rubinich about shooting all types of photos, not just BMX.

We didn’t forget about the photo project either, all the photographers had to shoot a photo at 1/25th shutter to theme in with the issue and it came out looking the goods!

All this and more in the latest issue of the mag which is available now locally and everywhere else in Australia over the next two days and of course it’s free!

Thanks to the contributors and advertisers for their ongoing support which keeps the mag going…

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Mikey kills it in this, I tried to single out a clip to mention but they’re all pretty damn good…

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Thanks to Dillewaard again for another trademark Salad move…

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The weather was real nice down in Melbourne this past weekend and we had a ball out on the bikes…

Marnold has got some more bizzo to come back to at this spot, DJ shot this one.

Good flyout session went down out and over.

He aint so tough.

Rhys is back on the pop program after dedicating the past few months to maximum grinds.

Jack has crashed so much the past few weeks and this one takes the cake. Although everyone laughed alot Jack got dealt with, wait until you see the clip.

DJ took it real hard on this clip but like JK got through it to get the clip done.

Checkin the clip after the hard work was complete.

Luke has learnt to do barspins where his hands actually come off the bars, it makes my life easier shooting the photos.

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262/365 // DEAN HEARN

Dean has got this park wired, thanks to Rhys for the clip…

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Don’t forget about this, you have until tomorrow to enter…

We hooked up with Division Brand to get some giveaways going for crew. Basically check the two photos below, the top one is the original shot of DJ shooting the bars over the famous IMAX ledge, then look at the photo below, we have made some alterations to it and we want you to point them out to us. There are a total of five differences, most of which are pretty obvious so once you have worked them out email with your five answers and two correct entries picked at random will win the following…

2 Division brand t-shirts, a beanie and a bunch of stickers. Oh and make sure you LIKE the Division Brand facebook page and the FP page as that might help your chances of winning. you have until Tuesday the 20th of September to get your entries in.

Note: If you need to see the images a bit bigger hit here. Sorry this one is for Australian residents only.

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Big fan of Dullah’s style, make sure you watch this if you are into grinds. Doing it for Dishonour

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