Photos by James Gilbert unless otherwise stated.

We made our way to Geraldton in two cars on Easter Friday and by all reports there was going to be spots everywhere, after all Mike did grow up there. This rumour couldn’t be truer and we officially dubbed it Western Australia’s Barcelona.

Geraldton is a tick over 400kms from Perth but the trip up took a little over 6 hours, mainly because Rex was asking to pull over every 20 minutes to spew. Taken to his hands and knees on Indian Ocean Drive and making noises out of a horror movie it provided some great entertainment. Many beers, a very questionable campsite guest, more spots than your teenage brother and an incredible skate park made this weekend one to remember. Cheers to Mikey, Smelly, Pinelli, Dorris, Bruk and Rexo.


Warren Bowers – Wazza is one of those guys that just rides what ever he wants and makes it look amazing.

Left: Mike Lee – Keeping that instafeed healthy

Middle: Dorris Morris – Mitch became Dorris in Geraldton – Exhibit A. Setting up a tent with ZERO idea where to start.

Right: Van Boys – Mikes new dad van, also used to taxi campsite guests home.

Luke Snelling – The only person game to hop this gap

Bottom Left: Local Shredder (Mitch Morris Photo) – PJ was so persistent – Pedal slide on the whole ledge after countless attempts. Legend.

Left: David Pinelli

Right: Matt Bell – No pegs and noisy brakes, tabes for days.

“Hows your ankle?” was the first question after snapping this.

Luke Snelling – Steep and fast feeble.

Bryce Ruksenas – Saw this out-ledge on the way in, tackled it on the way out.

Left:  Louis Bolter

Right: Rex Cubic – Hey Rexo?

Left: Mitch Morris (Bryce Ruksenas Photo) – Bryce somehow managed to time this first try..

Right: Rex Cubic

Bryce Ruksenas – “Just take the photo and I’ll do whatever is comfy off the end”

Top Left: Luke Snelling

Left: Mike Lee (Mitch Morris Photo)

Top Right: Rooftop lurks

Bottom Right: James Gilbert (Mitch Morris Photo)

Dorris – Conquered the down whip.. Finally

Bryce Ruksenas – Check Rexo’s top knot..


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