Quickfire – Alex Hiam


Cooper Brownlee

Describe an average weekday…

Wake up, have a coffee and oats, goto the gym, then ride all afternoon and night!! I am unemployed at the moment so it’s pretty relaxed !!

What about a Saturday?

Saturdays are where the funs at.. Usually we head out to alot of concrete parks all day then do something crazy that night.

Newest part on your bike?

New Colony plastic pegs, Super happy with them !!

Fix tubes or new tubes?

I always have spare tubes so just new tubes haah !

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram all day everyday !!! I have always been a lil into photography and filming edits and instagram is perfect for that !

Anything you would do-over if you could?

Nah I would do it all again!! I think things happen for a reason and made me who I am today.


"I think things happen for a reason and made me who I am today."

Last song you listened to?

I love all Kendrick Lamar, Kid cudi and lots of hiphop.


2 pegzzzzz.. I took them of for a week once, never been so bored on a bike !


For ever!!

Last mag you read?

2020 mag

Favourite movie of all time?

Limitless. I hardly ever watch movies but this ones a banger !!

What kind of car do you drive? 

I just got my licence and havn’t bought a car yet.. I am looking at some nice hatchbacks though !!

When and what was your first photo in a magazine?

My first photo in a mag was Focal point !! I was doing a 180 tuck over the spine at Kuraby !! Goodtimes.

You have any web videos coming out?

Myself and Ryan Guettler have a crazy day in the life coming out soon! Then another edit will be dropping from some clips of CALI and SD skateparks while I was in USA. Also I have been filming the past 3 months staking clips for another Colony Web Video..

First bmx video you saw?

I think it would of been Dave Mirra freestyle BMX 2 the intro video to the game… I was so amazed haha.

Summer or Winter, which do you prefer?

I look forward to summer as much as winter, But if I had to choose, SUMMER !

A few moves you love to do when out riding…

I have been hooked on nose wheelies at the moment and love doing 3 flips!

Last trip you took?

Just came home from my big 3 month trip to USA !

A good spot or park you’ve hit up lately…

I always have a good time at Underwood in Brisbane.

Random story from your local park?

Ohhh, too many to tell. The amount of crazy stuff that has happened at my local.. Good times ! #clvlnd




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