Photo Feature – Angus Cairney

All photos courtesy of Angus Cairney, see more of his work here  and here.

Above: Paul Thoelen fast plant down the Martin Place stairs.

Where are you from?
Im from Sydney, Australia.
How long have you been shooting?
I got my first DSLR in 2013 and used it primarily for video, I only really got into shooting stills about 2 years ago.
What got you interested in shooting and what keeps your drive to shoot?
I started out just filming mates with a GoPro and making little edits in iMovie, then quickly realised videography was something I wanted to pursue. For some reason I never had interest in shooting stills up until 2 years ago when I started astrophotography, then slowly got into shooting bikes after that.
What is your favourite style of shooting?
I couldn’t pick one, I’d have to say BMX and Astrophotography, the two are completely different but I get the same enjoyment out of both. Its always a great feeling to bag an Astro shot I’ve been planning for a while. The BMX scene is so rad and theres so many good people, so there’s a big social aspect there, and it’s always fun to get creative shooting with riders who have a unique style/bag of tricks.
What gear are you shooting with? 
I’m shooting with a Canon 6D and a Canon 7d, with a kit 18-55mm f3.5, Canon 50mm f1.8, Samyang 24mm f1.4 and a Samyang 8mm Fisheye f3.5. 



Dyan Lewis boosting a one foot table on the Five Dock hip / Cody Pollard roasting the Hambone quarter.

Chowgy roasting Hillfire Trails at Dane Jam 2017.

Ryan Flick boosting a turndown at Dulwich Hill. / James Fisher throwing an X-up air at Bricky.

Benn Pigot nose sliding during his Vans Pro Cup run.

Sam Gibson with a super seat indy over the Dully transfer. / Larry Edgar boosting to the moon during Vans Pro Cup Practice.

Paul Thoelen throwing the bars in front of the Sydney Opera House.

Jacob Deveney Euro in the Death Bowl.

Ryan Saville (Chowgy) with a lofty turndown at Five Dock.


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