Jamnation – Flem Banks Jam 2014

Photos shot by Daniel Johnson.

Words written by Cooper Brownlee.

It seems like every time the jam goes down weather plays a big part, although it goes down during the good season it is Melbourne so we have to deal with it and adapt, such things as placing quarters where there is cover so that if it does rain a little, people can still ride spots and make the most of it. This year was no different but thankfully the weather came good for the day. The best thing for me about Flem jam is when you first start to see riders roll in from the bike path above the drain, it’s that moment that you know it’s on and this year felt like one of the biggest so that sight happened many times during the day.

We have a packed photo gallery and video below so no need for a trick by trick account, I just want to thank all the supporters that donated some $$ to help cover some of the build cost (Primary, Division, Strictly, Fit, S&M, Colony and The Set) along with Jack Kelly, my dad, Frenchie, Nathan Skopelitis, Robbie, Jase Bannan and Rhys Yeomans for helping set it all up.

Sorry to the guys we didn’t have names for.



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