Wild in the Streets 2017

Words and photos courtesy of Mike Moore.

I would like to thank Little Black Bike, and Little Black Bike would like to thank High Street Social Club, The 5OS Project, and Molly Nicholls-Pavy and Ryan Lloyd from Lighthouse Youth Projects for the support and help in putting this event together.
Since the closing of our beloved city skatepark it has felt as if a little bit of our scene had been disconnected and slightly damaged. It’s events like this that remind us all, it was never really about the location, it’s about the good times getting together and just doin’ it. (But a new city park would also help) So lets keep pushing forwards and keep the scene awesome in this lovely little city of ours.
Above: Tyson Alexander tabes on the wooden quarter for the DJ.


Good to see a lot of crew came out for this one. Indy, Goges, Leezy & Sam.

Lining up for that Subrosa rail hit.

Indigo Cobain in from Mildura.

Indigo monster steez pop. Absolutely killing it lately Indy.

Rhys Gogel fear and loathing pop.

Little Luca Lloyd, Ryan Lloyd’s first son. Already fearless.

Super dad himself Ryan Lloyd, look-back on the makeshift quarter.

And again. Even as a dad still bringing some spice to the table. (Dad joke # 159)

Ned Hards came down for the weekend to ride from Mildura, and he rode his ass off. Off a roof in fact, the day before the jam. 360 attempts off the roof left him a little battered and bruised, but still able to pose like a warrior and scare kids parents.

We would like to Acknowledge that the land we met on today is the traditional lands for the Kaurna people and that we respect their spiritual relationship with their Country. We also acknowledge the Kaurna people as the traditional custodians of the Adelaide region and that their cultural and heritage beliefs are still as important to the living Kaurna people today. -Vic Square also known as Tarndanyangga.


Liam Zingbergs bar, pegs, hardway. In between the finest Dave Chappelle quotes that even I don’t remember.

Jay is my favourite. Flat tire after me missing another photo of him doing the best 3’s out of everything.

Richard Cantanzariti, Colony’s newest pro with a Ben Cousins 180.

Oop whats this?

It’s a few thousand deep Yes campaign rally. SAY YES! Look how stoked these crew are on BMX.

Mr. Zingbergs, showing his appreciation with a half-bar (pun intended) leading the rally.

Young Richard also pumped.

Young Richard up and down cranker.

Another fine day in sleepy Adelaide town.

Doug Underhill, almost single-handedly capturing Adelaide BMX on the VX for many moons. Thanks Douglas.

Doesn’t take much but some positive motivation and some pallets to have a great event and bring us all together. Great to see everyone riding and just generally diggin’ it.

Adelaide has some secret shredders right now. Brayden McPharlin with a very casual toboggan against the city.

Loading up the ramps end of the day.

Back to the winery with ye.


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