We want to get more crew involved in the artistic side of things so we’re running a design a tee contest for FP. See below for the guidelines but feel free to email us for anything else you want to know.

– Design can be of anything, doesn’t have to be BMX related.
– The print will be a 1 colour print so keep that in mind and most likely printed on light coloured tee’s like white or grey so anyone doing drawings take note.
– Winner will get a couple of the finished tee’s along with 50% of the profits from sales. Bare in mind we don’t tell a tonne of shirts but it’s fun so who really cares.
– It wil be judged on creativity so no intentional logo rips.
– The only real guideline for artwork is that it either has to have the wording “FP” or FOCALPOINT” in the artwork somewhere otherwise a cool slogan that relates back to BMX in some one for example the “Have fun with it” term we would use from time to time in old designs.
– Entries close July 30th.
– All entries can be submitted via email either as a Adobe Illustrator file or if you are drawing artwork, smooth clean lines on an A4 white paper will be fine sent through as a scan or photo.
– Feel free to email if you have any questions or if you want some constructive criticism during your design process.


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