First off this is a very love / hate list. some may enjoy, others ,maybe majority, will hate it. haha but hey, each too their own.

This was a tough one. I have a super broad range of what I listen to from Black Sabbath to Kendrick Lamar and Dr Dre. However I’ve been shooting a bunch of Australian musicians at gigs in Canberra and thought it would be cool to focus on them and the bands Ive seen live, because the vibes you get from a live gig showcases what music is about, well to me anyway. Off the back of the Back Bone Video with an all Australian sound track and my song from local Canberra band TV Colours,I thought it would be cool to follow on.

Checkout the FP Tuesday Tunes playlist on Spotify for some diverse music listening…

Gang of Youths really just hit me. I heard a few songs before seeing them live, and after that I was fully indulged in them. Their Album came out and it just shows, the dudes have a real passion about what they do. Vital Signs is the first song of the record and is epic.

I’ve never been into riding with headphones so I guess this list may have a bit of a disconnection to BMX, however we used this song in mine and my close mate Troy Harradine’s little mix edit we did a while ago.

Heard of this band Ocean Alley from working at Back Bone, would play pretty often and I was into the songs but didn’t dig to deep. After seeing them live, I got their EP and the rest is it…

This is where the love / hate will come into it.

Courtney Barnett…. She’s been killing it! Saw her at a sold out gig in Sydney and was an experience. Super talented, unique and embraces what music is about. She’s the truth.

And lastly a Melbourne band, The Smith Street Band. These dudes are legit. They stand for all the right things in life and show it in their music and gigs. They’ve torn down the house every time I’ve seen them. Its like you can connect with every song they’ve ever written without them talking about the classic pussy, money, weed thing you see so much today..

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