Next up for some Tuesday Tunes is Sydney’s Chris Whyte. Check below for some of Chris’s favourite tracks along with our updated Spotify playlist here

The majority of music I listen to while riding I have found through videos. This song was in an Alex Kennedy edit that came out in 2011, being 17 and having just started to venture outside the realm of indoor skateparks it had a lasting impact on me. If ever I’m having trouble focusing or clearing my mind before I try something that scares me it is my go to track.

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I used this song in a crew mixtape. Working towards a common goal with a group of close friends is fantastic feeling and this song is a great reminder of that.

Between “This is United” being my favourite video, Nathan Williams being my favourite rider and The Black Angels being one of my favourite bands I can’t help but love this one!

I had known about Pink Floyd but it wasn’t until “Lets Get Mystical” that I really started to appreciate them. These two need to be listened to together!

This will probably be of no interest to the majority of people who read this, with that said, over the last year or so Classical music makes up the majority of what I listen to outside of Bmx and it would feel odd not to acknowledge that.

Chris Whyte’s latest video part…

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