Shreddin Brahhhh.

Had a ball today in Canberra riding with the locals and the weather stayed dry. The photo below is from a session we had this evening at Civic park.

As I said previously the dvd is done and is making its way to stores right now. Anchor Bmx, The Sanction, Yarra Valley Cycles and Backbone have them now as I dropped them off on my travels so far. Bikes n Trikes, HighRoller Bmx, Bmx Mad, Mainly Bmx, Penisula Star Cycles. Connections Bmx, CmBmx and Little Black Bike should have them Tuesday. There are other stores that will be stocking them also as I drop them off on my trip, I will post that info up as it happens.

Also a shout out to all supporters of the dvd, magazine, clothing and this website, your backing and nice comments don?t go un-noticed.

crew civic new

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Day One. Canberra!

I just arrived in Canberra, stoked! I will be rolling around here for the weekend then onto Sydney, Backbone will have the new mag, dvds and clothing today for anyone in the area.

Ugzine have posted up their weekly Round up, check it here.

I posted out a bunch of dvd’s to shops yesterday, I will put up a list tonight of who is stocking the dvd so far, it’s also available online.

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On The Road!

Hey guys, I am just about to set off for a solo mission up to Queensland dropping mags off to a bunch of shops all the way up and back down, shooting photos and filming also. Stopping at a bunch of places and riding spots so if you see a big white van kicking about and some four eyed kid gets out, say hi! I will posting everyday my adventures hope so see some of you out there!

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The Waiting List DVD Now Available!

Hey guys, I am picking up the dvd’s today so they are now in the online store along with being available at all good bike stores. I will list all the stores who will have it in stock later today! Also with thanks to Triplesix distro every person who purchases the DVD Online or from a store will go into the draw to win one of two parts packages!


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Chiltern Park Opening Jam.

Always good to see small towns getting a new park, not much else to do for the younger crew.


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Epic Park getting built in Canberra.

Hey guys, added another event to the list on the right, this site is here for everyone, so if you know of any jams or what ever coming up just shoot me an email!

I spotted on the Colony and Backbone sites a crazy new park getting built in Canberra, so stoked! Colony also have a edit up from the Flatland comp that just went down in Brisbane.

Speaking of Flatland, the Flatland Australia blog has been banging out some solid updates of late.

Good mates over on the WestOz blog have got some pool photos up and a sweet time lapse edit of them draining a pool.

I am going to link over to some websites that you may not have seen before when ever I come accross them, This is a brainstorm is a cool blog which a dude I use to roll with a bit back in the Camby days does, Simon is right into graphic design and does a bunch of stuff for local hardcore bands.

Below is a shot I took of silent Shredder Sam Illman on the weekend.

sam illman tucklaunch new

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New Focalpoint Website.

Hey guys, welcome to the new Focalpoint website. Pretty stoked on it! I will be dialing it in today but its ready to rock n roll!

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Issue 17 Now Available.

Hey guys, the new issue will be in stores over the next few days, a little longer if you are in NSW or QLD as I am delivering them myself.


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