Marnold Sequence.

Below is a sequence of Marnold we shot on the weekend during the HEAT! I am really enjoying posting up these random sequences so expect more to come.

Over on Ugzine there

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Hey everyone, I have finally finished my portfolio website! Which also includes a blog that I will keep updates also, hope you like it, check it out here!

Other news….

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Dishonour Gear.

Dishonour have a new tee and also new era cap available, check the site for more info.
Over on the stowaway site I came across a photo of Leigh G shredding, if you dont know who Leigh G is, he runs Anchor Bmx who support FP in many ways, he also has some asweome clips in the new South DVD.
Backbone have some riding shots up of the new Woden park, such an amazing park. Speaking of parks Heidelberg

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Flat Rail Session.

It was dam hot on the weekend, we rode a flat rail on Saturday and this is what Marnold and I got out of it, filmed by Flagz and Marnold.

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Photogallery Update.

Hey guys, I just put a couple more photos in the photogallery, they are from the weekend along with the photo below.

I have also heard yesterday that Croydon (VIC) is getting a massive upgrade to its park if this happens I am going to be so stoked since it’s the closest park to me and at the moment its possibly the worst park in Melbourne. I also heard from the council that Lilydale (VIC) is getting extended, stoked!



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Focalpoint X Colony Seat.

I never thought I would see the day when we had a seat coming out, with thanks to Colony we have done a collaboration seat which will be out in 4 weeks! These are a limited edition so keep an eye out for them, pretty stoked!

Other news… Ugzine has the Friday Frenzy up.

Nahyouritemate have some random updates.

It seems Tempered Bikes have a new rider, check out the site for more info.


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Melbourne City Park Jam.

I have a feeling I wont be around this weekend which sucks since this is basically the only park I enjoy riding in Melbourne, but I am sure it will be a fun day.


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Tom Stretton Sequence.

This sequence is of Tom Stretton from the Halloween Jam in Sydney on the weekend, I have no idea what this is called but I like it!

Other news… This Town Sucks has a bunch of updates.

Nick Richardson has a “day in the life”, filmed by Ryan Guettler which you can check out here.


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