The Bolter Twins.

Louis Bolter sent me over some photos from the current trip he and his brother George are on at the moment. This photo is of George in Vancouver I believe. That’s two New Zealand related posts in a row, you can get more info and see a bunch of photo’s over on the ZombieBmx website.

I also loaded up photos of Liam Fahy-Hampton and Marnold in their family pages, these photo’s you may have seen on the Colony site a couple of days ago.


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More Photo’s.

I just added a few more oldish photos in the newest riding gallery (4) Jed Mildon and Mat Lindrea. check it out here and scroll down a littl

I also just updated the dvd page with a full listing of the shops in Australia stocking The Waiting list. check that out here.

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One Clip #2

Hey guys, Just put up the weekly clip, you can see it below (obviously) or hit here to see it bigger.

Dishonour have got a new tee out, some pretty cool colour combo’s, check here for more info.

Helensvale Bmx‘s new shop is looking pretty dialed, check some more photo’s here.


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Filming Is On!

Filming never really stops but yesterday really felt like a solid day of riding and filming, always gets me stoked!


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Photogallery Update.

Hey guys, I posted up a few more photos in the gallery. There a couple of riding shots that I took at the Ausbike tradeshow, check them out here and scroll down.

Ugzine have their Friday Frenzy up.

Sam Filmer made a dvd, check his site here for more info.

Tenna is a shredder, he has a couple random shots here on the Tempered Bikes site.

Daniel Donges has a bunch of photo’s of his USA trip over on the Eastern website, pretty rad.


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Fakie Frontie.

I was out shooting photos with Mini the other day and this is one of the left over shots, I am not keen on photos with flashes in the shot, in my opinion there is no need for it so this photo goes to the web since I made a mistake with it. What a ridiculous trick.

Jump over to the Backbone website and sign the trails potition, even if you don’t ride trails it’s always good to help out BMX in general.

Good friend and Focalpoint contributor Dave Rubers has been adding photos to his portfolio website. the West Beach vert ramp shot is awesome!

Good Focalpoint supporters, Helensvale Bmx up on the Goldcoast are in the middle of moving there shop, should be rad with talks of a ramp in there.

Also check out the recent Making of the Fit dvd which Sydney bloke John Young edited up with a bunch of good Aussie riders in it. I tried to embed it but youtube hates me it seems.


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Ausbike Tradeshow Photogallery.

I hung out at the Ausbike Tradeshow which was in Melbourne on the weekend, shot a bunch of product photos, some of new product, some of just product that looks cool, you can check it by clicking on the current feature photo to your right!


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Issue 17 Now Online!

It’s been just over a month since the print version of Issue 17 came out in stores so tonight I uploaded the online version, check it out to the right if you didn’t get a copy of the print version.

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