Stretton Is The Man.

We had a fun roll today out with Dan Kershaw and Tom Stretton. Tom was doing some REDICULOUS front wheel stunts, the photo below is mid run hang five drop in, amazing!

Gorak has given his photo site a face lift, check it out here.

It mat not be Oz but TheLastPeople seem to post about FP and I always check it out, they just got a new site up, rad!


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Canberra Park Update.

Came accross a recent photo of the new park being built in Canberra, should be rad when it’s done.

Ugzine have there Friday Frenzy up along with a silent shredder Sam Illman edit.


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Brisbane is Hot!

We rode all day today in the heat. Good fun though. Below, photo of Clint Millar doing what he does best, this time on a tight sketchy 3ft tranny at a strange park right near those fancy amusement parks up here.


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Blue Shredds.

Good friend Andrei Sablinskis sent me over this sequence of Camberwell (Vic) shredder Blue, you may remember Blue from issue 17 of Focalpoint as he had a bio in it, well here he is again with a 180 turndown bowl to bank.


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Rosebud Jam.

This jam should be fun! I’m off to Brisbane this evening, updates will be rocking though!

rosebud jam

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Another Video Night.

A few solid edits coming out at the moment, below we have an edit from Colony with a bunch of the team riders in it.

Then you have an edit that Jadan Roxborough sent me featuring himself, Codie and Luke Gorecki , all shredding it.

Last but not least Macca from Brisbane, Stu Munro of TheHGB uploaded the clip that also scored Macca the cover of the new 2020 (click here for the mag preview). Macca is out for a fair few months with a nasty broken leg so hopefully scoring a cover keeps him stoked for a while.

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New Canberra Park Progress.

The new park for Canberra is well underway now, I am real keen to ride this place when it’s done, going off the plans it should be super fun.

ECI let me know that S&M are bringing out a limited run of 100 classic Holmes frame kits, a Holmes was my first aftermarket frame so this makes me happy.

Sam Filmer has a bunch of updates over on his blog including a trailer for his dvd that is out now.

The Flatland Australia site is pumping out fresh updates daily, always some cool stuff on there.

Helensvale Bmx made up a video showing there new shop, pretty cool.



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Top Fives.

I’ve started a new feature on the website where we hit up a rider and get their top five on a subject that is some what relevant to them, not just a couple word answers but a bit more indepth into the reasons why. First up is Mike Davies of Zombie Bmx and his top five websites to check out, click here to check it out. I am also going to post below the actual links to the sites he named. Defgripqubicstorerebel8gattphotosbmx perception.

The photo below has absolutely nothing to do with the Top Fives but Polly sent it to me and it made me laugh, him getting in there at a hardcore show repping the Strong Scene crew neck.


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