Sneak Peek #1

I should have the magazine back on Monday so I am psyched, sneak peek #1 below.

James Wade‘s September Photobook is up, check it out here.

Raine Turnbull has put up a couple more trails photo’s on his blog from his USA trip that he is on.

Also I put up the wrong date for the Rosebud Jam, it’s this Sunday, keeeen!


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New Dishonour Tee’s

James Wade has some new t-shirts out, check the Dishonour site for more info and a photo below of them.

Stu Munro is over in the states at the moment filming for his next DVD, you can see random photo posts from it here.

I got an email today from what I am assuming is a uni student, doing a survey on bmx stores, you can take the survey here.


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MP Scene Edit.

This edit is from some of the crew down the Vic Penisula way, pretty cool and some of the footage is from the park (Orange ledges) which their jam is on at this Saturday, should be a fun day.

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Vegas Broke Me.

Well that’s what Flagz tells me, he spent a week in Vegas at Interbike and had a ball, he has a bunch of random photos from the trip so we might do something with them. For now I will leave you with the below image, the title of the file was “flagz + mate” his mate is a hot dog stand owner in Vegas.


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Michael Harris Photo.

Mag contributor Michael Harris has a sweet photo website which he also recently added a few more photos to, definately check his site out here.

Thanks to Little Black Bike and anyone else who posted up the Rainy Day edit on their sites.

New Zealand website Zombie Bmx has some cool photos up on the blog recently.

Also a reminder that it’s the last couple of day where you can win a really good parts package from both Macneil and WethePeople, click here to find out how.


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Rainy Day Edit…

We had some seriously crap weather this weekend, yesterday a few of us hit a couple undercover spots, so I made a quick little edit out of the footage. Riders are: Marnold, Liam Fahy Hampton, me (Cooper) Jase Bannan and Lachy.

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Summer Tee Sample.

We will have new Focalpoint summer tee’s in about a month or so, I thought I would post up a little sample of what is to come, this is a sample of an added extra on all fp tee’s coming out this summer, pretty stoked!


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Jimmy Rostlund Top Fives.

Product Designer for Simple Bikes, Jimmy Rostlund gives us his top five bmx product innovations from the past few years, check it out here. You can also check out an article he wrote about hub guards and rear ends here.


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