Marnold Colony Edit!

Marnold wanted to put together an edit for Colony, so we did! Pretty stoked on how this came out, we filmed most of it in the last couple of months.

I am on the road for the next three weeks but updates will be bangin!

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Leon Sablinskis Bike Check.

DVD editor Leon Sablinskis just left for a trip over in New Zealand for three weeks, just before he left we helped him dial in his bike so we shot a quick bike check, some classic parts on there. Click the image below to view it.

The Sanction Jam tomorrow, see you there!


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Couple Videos…

Mikey Spandoni (who has a bio in the new issue of the mag) and Shaun Jarvis sent in a couple videos, enjoy…

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Issue 19 Out Now!

The day has come with Issue 19 of the mag out! Biggie Salad on the cover with a legit suicide off a giant drop! It’s funny because he is staying at my house this week so it was a classic moment when the mags rocked up and he was on the cover! Salad is coming on the road with me dropping mags off so make sure you get him to sign your copy! Onto some of the features in this issue….

Stingray produced a solid interview with some super random questions being asked, Flem Banks coverage, Geelong shredder Mikey Spandoni scored this issues Living the Underground, We take a look into a bunch of riders backyard setups,

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Sneak Peek #4

The last peek into the new mag as I will have it back tonight!

Other news… There is a Jam happening at Orange park next month on the 27th of Feb. The park just got some upgrades, should be rad! There is a facebook page setup which keeps you posted.


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Robert Bennett Edit.

Spotted this over on the Helensvale site, some real good gaps in this!

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Sneak Peek #3

Not long now, very excited!


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Corey Grady

Another new article launching today, Living the Underground. We never have enough pages in the mag to help get all of the younger riders some exposure so with the help of others we will have some rider bio’s posted on the site. You can check out the first bio here on Corey Grady, thanks to Dayne Dallinger for the photos.


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