Issue 18 Now Online!

Since Issue 18 came out in print about 7 weeks ago I thought it was time to release the online version of it, you can check it out on the right. Just click it to enlarge. enjoy! You can view all the previous issues here.

Other news, check out Dave Rubers portfolio site for some new photos.


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Rampfest Box Jump Comp.

Two Bret Trigg edits in one day, nice one bro. This one is an edit of the Rampfest comp that happened on the weekend. I like how he included AM in there aswell, good to see the younger riders get some exposure.

Other news… Check the Newcircle site for a bunch of flatland updates.

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Matt Whyatt Shreds.

Pretty cool video of Matt Whyatt, edited up by Bret Trigg, the last clip is amazing! Looks like the Rampfest Box Jump Comp was good, bummed I wasn’t in town for it.

Other stuff… Tom Blanch who has an interview in the previous issue of the mag is now riding for Dishonour.

Raine Turnbull has posted up some rad photo’s on his blog.

Matt Whyatt from Bret Trigg on Vimeo.

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Adelaide Trip.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days, I didn’t have much net access. The Adelaide trip was pretty fun, it was a loose plan which started with little sleep due to driving most the night there. and a hospital visit for Liam on the last night which kept him there 8 hours during the evening/morning after a big gap to second stage rail went wrong, The docs thought he might have killed his spleen but it seems he broke 3 ribs instead. Besides the minimal sleep and long driving hours we still got some some riding done and had a bunch of fun with some of the ADL crew, thanks heaps to the boys at Stowaway for the roof over our heads and Matt and Jack at Little Black Bike for helping Adam with a frame after he broke his.




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Summer Tee’s Coming.

Hey guys, I lost my camera cord so at the moment I can’t load up any trip photos. Adelaide has been good, hopefully get some good riding in today.

So instead of a trip photo I made up a little sneek peak of the new summer tee’s coming out,Hopefully we should have these back sometime next week. There are five designs all up.


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Off To Adelaide!

Diversity have a bike check up on Nicko Smithson up, check it out.

Over on the Little Black Bike site there are a bunch of cool random photos, just scroll down to check them all out.

Some of us are off to Adelaide this afternoon so the drive should be interesting in the high 30’s! I will try keep the updates rolling on from the road. So to keep in with us heading to South Oz, the photo below is of South Australian shredder Ryan Lloyd.

Thanks to everyone who has been posting links over to this site and also the oneloveonelife site lately. I really appreciate it.


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Dig BMX mag has been my favourite mag for basically ever so to be able to do some work with the guys is an honour! I have a photography interview up on their site, yay! Check it here.

If you are in the mood for looking at some more photos of other poeple get clicking! Nitai Dave Rubers Chris CooperJames WadePete JaquesRicky AdamGorakNick GascoineRaine TurnbullMichael Harrisoneloveonelife


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New Helmet Fines.

It seems that helmet fines have gone up from $50 to $145 here in Melbs, not sure if it’s Australia wide but just thought I would let everyone know.

The edit below is pretty cool, Max Smithers shredding some Melbourne street. Spotted it on theComeup.

Southside BMX: Max Smithers from chris karalis on Vimeo.

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