Another Video Night.

A few solid edits coming out at the moment, below we have an edit from Colony with a bunch of the team riders in it.

Then you have an edit that Jadan Roxborough sent me featuring himself, Codie and Luke Gorecki , all shredding it.

Last but not least Macca from Brisbane, Stu Munro of TheHGB uploaded the clip that also scored Macca the cover of the new 2020 (click here for the mag preview). Macca is out for a fair few months with a nasty broken leg so hopefully scoring a cover keeps him stoked for a while.

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New Canberra Park Progress.

The new park for Canberra is well underway now, I am real keen to ride this place when it’s done, going off the plans it should be super fun.

ECI let me know that S&M are bringing out a limited run of 100 classic Holmes frame kits, a Holmes was my first aftermarket frame so this makes me happy.

Sam Filmer has a bunch of updates over on his blog including a trailer for his dvd that is out now.

The Flatland Australia site is pumping out fresh updates daily, always some cool stuff on there.

Helensvale Bmx made up a video showing there new shop, pretty cool.



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Top Fives.

I’ve started a new feature on the website where we hit up a rider and get their top five on a subject that is some what relevant to them, not just a couple word answers but a bit more indepth into the reasons why. First up is Mike Davies of Zombie Bmx and his top five websites to check out, click here to check it out. I am also going to post below the actual links to the sites he named. Defgripqubicstorerebel8gattphotosbmx perception.

The photo below has absolutely nothing to do with the Top Fives but Polly sent it to me and it made me laugh, him getting in there at a hardcore show repping the Strong Scene crew neck.


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Video Night.

It must have been a busy night for Vimeo, three new edits from a couple crews….

This week’s OneClip is of me so it’s weird to do this one but I do like the clip so it’s worth it. There was a similar clip in the last dvd, so we couldn’t use them both. Click here to view it larger.

This Town Sucks put up a new edit of Adrian Fox, does some good nosey’s in there.

Rhys Newling also loaded up his most recent edit which features some shredders hitting up Melbs and Albury, also worth a looksy.

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Clockin Footy.

Finally a weekend when both days didn’t rain! We went out searching yesterday with not much success but we did have some fun at an old spot. Not an amazing photo I just like it because it shows more the lifestyle behind filming a little more.

Anyone into photography in general should check out my friend’s website Craig shoots a bunch of photo’s for No Heroes and has band/portrait photography on lock.

Over on Stowaway Jesse Bull has a bike check, maybe it will give us an insight into how he does dialed front end stunts (check his Federal edit a few days earlier for more info).


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Jeff Bahr Edit.

Tempered Bikes put up an edit of Canberra shredder Jeff Bahr, I’ve hung out with Jeff a couple times when in Canberra, nice guy and a rad rider to boot.

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New Sanction Tee’s.

The Sanction gang have some new tee’s coming out next week, they also have some random photo’s on their site from a recent Brisbane trip.

Shout out to Max Roberts, a local out Ringwood (Vic) area. I heard yesterday he took a really bad crash, something about a collapsed throat? Anyone know how he is shoot me an email.

Colony have posted up some photo’s of the new Liam Fahy-Hampton grip, sick!


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August Giveaway Winner.

Last month the giveaway challenge was to think of something you would like to see on the Focalpoint website, there were a bunch of cool idea’s some of which I will take on board for future plans. The winner though is Jarrad McComb with the idea about adding a new photogallery to the site which young riders can send in there photos and I will dedicated a gallery just for them so they get a bit of coverage. That is something I am totally down for and feel that’s a big part about what Focalpoint is about. I can’t gaurentee every photo will go up but chances are they will. The photos need to be fairly high resolution, which is the main factor whether or not the photo will be able to go up, but by all means get shooting and send you pics to

On another note, check out the Ugzine Friday Frenzy.

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