Watch This…

Kym Grosser and Mick Bayzand, you know it’s gonna be epic! Filmed real well also.

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Kempsey Jam.

Hopefully we can get to this in the morning if it all works out. Make sure you go to this if you are in the area.


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The Waiting List – Crash Section.

I am not a fan of watching crashes but a few people asked me about the crash section from The Waiting List DVD and since we didn’t have room on the DVD for it I made one up the other day for others to see. I guess it’s funny to watch now because everyone is ok and it also brings back good memories!

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Jadan and Ryan Dawson

Below, I came across this today…Jadan Roxburgh and Ryan Dawson edit, both Nowra shredders.

Other news, some cool photos over on the LBB site.

Chris Finnigan has a team page up on the Fly site with a bunch of photos I shot with him a couple months ago, Finno is the man!

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We got to Canberra yesterday arvo and got right into it, hitting a few spots and ending up at the new Woden park which is a must stop if you are in Canberra. In this photo is Thomas Fordyce oppo down whipping the banked hip.


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Wang Jam.

Below are a few photos from the Sanction Wangaratta Comp yesterday, it was real cool to see so many people make it out to the country town and get behind the day. Thanks to Stowaway and Colony for supporting the event also. Mini came out on top and won $700 with Josh Mete coming second but I think everyone had a blast no matter where they came.



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Before I left for the road trip, I posted up a couple photos of Troy Charlesworth and Marnold in the photogallery which you can check out by clicking the image below.


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Marnold Colony Edit!

Marnold wanted to put together an edit for Colony, so we did! Pretty stoked on how this came out, we filmed most of it in the last couple of months.

I am on the road for the next three weeks but updates will be bangin!

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