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It looks like the the Rampfest Indoor skatepark found some new owners in the name of RideOn BMX. Good to see that the park will stay alive! Check out the official press release below:

rampfest new Owners

So Some Big news from RideOn for 2014 in the News that we have expanded into a New Indoor Park and Shop in Melbourne.. Yep you read that right.. Melbourne..

 Chances are You may have heard of it before.. Rampfest Indoor Park, one of Australia’s premiere Indoor Skateparks that has been a stable in The Bmx Community since it was first Built…

 Myself and Chris Bierton who has been involved in Events & Bmx coaching and Competitions as Long as RideOn has been Supporting the bmx Scene in Brisbane and Oz have taken the reigns and joined up to move Rampfest & RideOn into the next chapter…

 The Current Owners Jessie and Sam have decided to Step back from Rampfest to concentrate on their other venture “Fist” and we are stoked to be able to Keep this place going for not just the Local Riders but riders all over Oz and the world that make the trip and ride the setup.

We are also stoked to Say that Rampfest is also 100% Bmx Rider Run and Owned operation and the New RideOn Store will also be like our Home Store 100% Rider Run and Owned..

We have been Sending Mail orders to Melbourne and Vic for Years and are Stoked to have a front door thats going to be close enough for those and more to come and Dial your bike in and get the Gear we sell and support….

We are stoked to take over and You will see some Changes to the Store side so you will be able to find a Stocked Dialed Shop for all rampfest Customers In the Form of RideOn..

We have a Slew Of Events and ideas to make Rampfest and RideOn Continue to be some of the best places to ride in Australia. and we have some great ideas for the park itself…

Check out the Web Sites over the next few weeks to be kept in the loop as some changes will be coming and you wont want to miss whats in store..

Drop in and Say Gday, bring your bike and Ride were having a Launch Party and a Big Sale on this Saturday…”

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