A new feature on the site, helping out young crew getting into the game doing a t-shirt brand, parts whatever. Hopefully this helps them out and gives you an insight into what they are doing. First up is Gippsland based clothing brand Stay Local


When did you start the brand?

We launched Stay Local Co in December 2012, but have been throwing ideas around since early 2012.

What motivated you to start the brand?

I have always been interested in BMX ever since my brother had his first bike, and I have always had a thing for extreme sports, if I’m not riding or taking photos, ill have a skate. I have always been into the brands that surround the culture also. A while ago one of my mates had this clothing line and he would get tees printed and give them to his crew and I thought it was the coolest thing ever seeing an idea turn into something that people want to wear on there back. It was awesome. I guess after that it clicked; maybe I should give this a shot

What products do you make?

We make tee’s and singlet’s right now but we plan on getting into other things as we get more established into the industry.

Who is involved with the brand? Team riders, designers etc…

Stay Local Co is ran by three guys, Jayden (in charge of distribution, sales and marketing) Jason (finances, paying bills and making sure we don’t go under) and Josh (Manufacturing, design and keeping us pumped) As for the design’s our process consists of a brain storming session then countless emails, design changes and hours in illustrator making sure the design is perfect and that it will be worth printing. Currently we don’t have any team riders but once we are more established we will definitely be getting some crew on board. We are all about getting up and coming people recognized for their talents.


What have been your influences that prompted you to start a brand?

Our influences that prompted us to start a brand would definitely be the amazing talent we have in Australia. We have some amazing BMX brands like Dishonour, Afray, and LKI. Just seeing everyone killing it so much, it motivated us to make a product the people would like.

Any new releases coming up you want to talk about?

We are in the manufacturing phase of our winter range that will consist of 2 new tees and a Hoodie. But as for what they look like that is a secret until we launch them.

What is the long-term plan with your brand?

The long-term plan is to keep making a product that people will be able to love and relate to. We want to be a stand out label in the Australian clothing industry. We don’t want to just be another brand, we want to be a label that everyone knows about and wants to wear.

Are you printing on Blanks or cut and sew custom apparel?

Right now we are printing on blanks but with one of our crew (Josh) working if the manufacturing industry we are looking at getting into custom fits and colors. We are just trying to make sure it is something everyone will wear.

What is your view on the retail/business side of BMX at the moment? Is it tough bringing a BMX brand into the scene right now?

The clothing industry is definitely tough at the moment but because it is something that we are passionate about we love the challenge. Australia has always had some amazing talent coming out of it so It can be tough to be the new kids on the block, but with the crew we have behind the scenes we have some great products and ideas that will put some pressure on the older brands.

Is it easier for you to sell your product via a web store or through a brick and mortar store? Have the BMX stores been welcoming to your new brand.

Currently we are not stocking in stores but the response to our brand has been off the charts. We are still in talks with some people about getting our products into stores but until we become more established we will be selling our products online or down at your local skate park.

How important do you feel it is for local stores to be supporting AUS brands?

I think this is real important, it doesn’t get much better then an Australian shop, selling Australian based brands, I guess that’s the essence of “staying local”

Have you dropped any web videos?

So far we have these 2 videos. We had the privilege of having Pat Freyne ride in them. That kid has skills.

How can people get a hold of you guys and see more?

You can check us out a few ways…

Facebook // Instagram @staylocal // Online Store // And any other enquiries shoot an email to contact@staylocalco.com.au

Interview compiled by Cooper, Rhys Yeomans, Frenchie and Adam Stone.


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