Lee Cruickshank Interview

Photos and interview courtesy of LC.


This is a collection of photos showcasing Lee’s unique way of bunny hopping onto shit….. Nah kidding , Lee’s one of the best to do it to come out of Sydney and has a real unique way of looking at things when you get to a spot.

Lee recently moved to Korea, go check the insane spots he’s finding there.


Aight whats the story man where you from?

Alright so I was born in South Korea and grew up in Tamworth (racist), then Bathurst (racist), then moved to Sydney when I started university.

How’d you get into Bmx ?

I was like ten or so, my brother was a skater and I naturally just wanted to be like him, but skating was too hard. We lived in the countryside so I ended up building jumps in the reserve behind my house and got a bike for Christmas.

Then I had an older friend who rode dirt jumps in the neighborhood—- I remember we downloaded FORWARD using Imesh or Limewire and watched rubens part.

Who were some of your early influences?

Early on it was Aitken, Hawk, Dehart, Schwartz, Dak… locally, Benn Pigot, Dave C, Vermane, Tom  Boorman… it was crazy to ride with and talk to people I grew up kinda idolizing when I moved to Sydney.

First question I had when I moved here was why are there so few street riders when Sydney is one of the best city’s for spots?

Its hard to get around between places. I guess people are kind of lazy?? I don’t know, I guess a good reason is that compared to other cities in Australia there’s a lot more to do other than riding. I used to think this until I moved to Korea. Man the kids here will catch a train or drive 1-2 hrs each way to the skatepark to meet up w everyone and it’s a real community vibe.

Now I have to catch the train like 1 and a half hours each way to get to the main riding areas and it’s just part of life.

Any shoutouts?

LC, PM gang, all my friends in Sydney and the fam for letting me get into riding… all the new people I’ve met here in Korea.


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