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Stoked to have Jason Watts featured for this new Quick Fire. Jason been having a crazy year and has been killing it! Check the whole thing after the jump:


Photo: Colin Mackay

Describe an average weekday?

Umm an average week day would be like wake up get some food normally head off to work at RideOn BMX store finish then go riding all night where ever there’s lights haha other then that not much just eat Mexican or KFC haha

What about the weekend?

Umm weekends normally consist of riding south side of Brisbane just jumping from park to park with all the homies then head out and party for the night haha

Newest part on my bike?

Umm newest part would be my chrome profile mini hubs

Fix tubes or new tubes?

Haven’t had a flat tire for a while now so not really haha

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram for sure @wattzup

Anything you would do-over if you could?

Not really sorta happy with everything I’ve done haha


Photo: Colin Mackay

Last web video that got you stoked on riding?

Umm last video that got me stoked on riding would be kris kyles or strive churchill new video but would watch mike atikens anthems II section anyway always gets me keen

Last song you listened to?

Schoolboy Q “Studio”


Only two pegs on the right side


No breaks always been brake less haha

Favourite movie of all time?

Step Brothers

Park, street or dirt

All of them it’s all bmx and love riding anything and everything


Photo: Colin Mackay

What kind of car do you drive?

Haven’t got a licence or car haha just ride everywhere

When and where was your first photo in a magazine?

Umm it was in 2020 doing a one foot euro at Elanora taken by Steve Morrison

Favourite rider of all time?

Favourite rider would be Mike Aitken

You have any web videos coming out?

Actually working on one ATM should be out by the end of the month

First bmx video you saw?

First bmx video I seen would probably of been Mark Webbs full English edit haha

Summer or winter, which do you prefer?

Summer for sure more sun and longer days


Photo: Colin Mackay

Few moves You love to do when Your riding?

Always love doing a tabo no better feeling haha

Last trip you took?

Last trip I took was down to Canberra for the act jam and it was amazing

A good spot or park you’ve hit up lately?

Went toNnimbin skatepark not to long ago that was awesome

Random story from your local park?

Random story from the local trails back in the day on my first month riding was down at Ferny with all the dudes riding and diggin and Colin Mackay rock up and destroy the trails was so random but was so amazed that day haha

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