Megaramp Not Happening.

I heard today that the giant Megaramp night that was going to happen down here in Melbs at the end of the month is now canceled due to lack of money and support by the looks of things. Some of the Colony team are doing a demo over in Tamworth for a new park opening, […]

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Rosebud Jam.

Today the sun shined again and we had a fun day down at Rosebud Plaza park, thanks to the locals who organised the day.

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Solid Day.

Today was one of those days which remind you how good riding and the people in the scene are. We rode all day, sunshine, good people, good spots and we got some footage. We had a ball, the photos below are from when some of the crew were having wrestling matches where you would spin […]

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Sneak Peek #2

Hey guys, the second sneak peek from the coming issue of the mag below. Four days until I get the new issue. Three days until daylight savings starts. Psyched! Ben Ashley from Western Australia shoots some nice photos and has a bit of a photo blog going on, some cool riding shots in there also. […]

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Desktop Calendar.

I have a new feature for the site, each month I will do a new desktop background, one that also has a calendar incorporated in it. The month of October is a photo of Sam Illman, hope you all like it. Click here to check it out. Also the Woden park in Canberra has made […]

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DJ Get’s Good News.

Daniel Johnson, finally got the call today that he will be having his knee reco on Wednesday, he has been waiting a year or so, this is awesome news. We all miss riding with DJ so lets take a moment to watch some old footage of him before the shit hit the fan, this park […]

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New Dishonour Tee’s

James Wade has some new t-shirts out, check the Dishonour site for more info and a photo below of them. Stu Munro is over in the states at the moment filming for his next DVD, you can see random photo posts from it here. I got an email today from what I am assuming is […]

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MP Scene Edit.

This edit is from some of the crew down the Vic Penisula way, pretty cool and some of the footage is from the park (Orange ledges) which their jam is on at this Saturday, should be a fun day.

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