Albury Based filmer/photographer Rhys Newling hooked us up with a bag check and answere a bunch of questions. See it all after the jump!

First up, list the gear you have…

I have the lowpro AW-450 bag (big!)

A HMC-150 with a Opteka 3X fisheye

60D with a Sigma 10mm fisheye, 50mm 1.8 and a 18-55mm stock lens

Canon 500n 35mm film camera

3 extra batteries for the HMC

Allen keys

lens pen and microfiber cloth

3 LED lights that run on AA batteries, I’m amazed how much light you can get out of these!

SD card case full of cards!

battery charger for when im on the road

A drifter cruiser board with big soft wheels for filming.

Rechargeable batteries or just replace them?

Both, I put regular AA in my led lights a few months ago and they are still going hard!

What goes missing the most from your bag?

Lens caps

What lens do you use the most and why?

For photos I cant go past the 50mm

What program do you use for editing (photo and also video)

fcp 7 and photoshop cs5

Is your gear insured?

No but looking at it as we speak!

Black and white or colour?

I have always been into colour but when black and white is used well its rad!

Favorite websites and or mags out there that motivate you to go out and shoot photos?

FP of course. 2020 and Skateboarders Journal are always dialed as well. I’m always going on Skateperception and TCU too scope new clips.

Filmers that motivate you?

Ty Evens, Jason Hernandez, Navez, Salad, Spike Jonez and Tinbum who is a Melbourne skate Filmer who taught me everything I basically know!

What do you enjoy filming most?

Street! Can’t beat it.

Favorite style of filming?

Up in your grill fisheye shots and rolling long lens/zoom shots.

Best advice you can give someone starting out…

Watch as much skate/bmx as possible, Learn how to skate and film, Charge your batteries! caught me out too many times and use manual settings. good lighting is the key to a good clip!

Thanks to Jack Bleasdale for the photos.

Tim Watson Park Mix from Rhys Newling on Vimeo.

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