Alive & Well DVD

The plan is a pretty simple one. Spend 6 months over the daylight savings period to film a DVD with a tonne of crew just for the fun of it. This page will serve as a place for us to post regular updates from the filming missions with everyone.

Latest Upates

Alive & Well 04

We got in a session around town yesterday which went well besides getting a camera smacked out of my hands it somehow didn’t break.


Alive & Well 03

Sunday was also productive besides it being the windiest day ever out on a bike.




Alive & Well 02

Saturday was the first day of filming for the project. A few of us headed out with some real excitement of getting things done and things went pretty well. Besides almost losing a camera from Pat’s bike getting sent onto it.


Alive & Well 01

Making another DVD has been in the back of my mind for a while now but up until a few months ago I didn’t actually think we would make another one anytime soon. I am pretty excited on this project because some riders have never experienced being apart of DVD project before which is an experience every rider should have at some stage in their life.